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Smithfield Galaxy Fastpitch Association
P.O. Box 2405
Suffolk, VA 23432

Galaxy Fields!

GALAXY one of few local organizations with a DEDICATED INDOOR FACILITY!


Galaxy players are truly lucky to have a dedicated indoor facility to use all year.  The facility allows players to get needed practice on inclement days and during the colder months.  The building is used for hitting, fielding, pitching and conditioning.  The lights were upgraded last year and we added a padded artificial turf surface.  This is one of the best dedicated softball facilities in the area.  If you are interested in taking a look, please contact one of our managers; we usually have teams in the facility every night from late Fall through Early Spring and welcome you to stop by and take a look.

Galaxy Managers

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Our Program

Galaxy initially formed in 1989 with the simple premise of offering a quality program for competitive fastpitch softball to the girls in our community. Since then, through the hard work and dedication of players, coaches and parents, we have consistently fielded championship-level teams from 10U to 18U. We have done this all
without resorting to bingo for fundraising. We have chosen to remain self-funded through a mixture of dues, fees, donations, corporate sponsorships and small-scale fundraising. Our coaches are strictly volunteers and receive no compensation for their services.

Starting in August, our teams are assigned three exclusive practice times for both the Chuckatuck and Indoor facilities. Most teams practice twice during the weekdays and once on weekends. Practice schedules vary in frequency depending on school softball commitments. 

Our teams participate in both the Fall and Spring travel ball tournament circuits. Travel requirements vary by age group and tournament offerings. We participate in all of the major sanctioning bodies, including: ASA, NSA, Pony, USSSA, Softball Nation, PGF and WFC. Galaxy teams regularly qualify for post-season national tournaments and travel to compete against the nations’ finest.

Galaxy Teams

Contact Galaxy! 



Age Bracket         Team Manager             Phone Number                             Email             
 10U                   Gene Groves                  (757) 758-0655    
 12U - Red         John Penland                 (757) 784-4176    
 12U - Black      Craig Stallings                (757) 784-0691   
 14U - Red         Allen Wetmore              (757) 439-5817   
 14U - Black      Mark Cagle                     (757) 810-5386   
 16U                   Charlie Wooten             (757) 371-4834   
 18U                   James Roddy                  (757) 334-0680   

2015 - 2016 Galaxy Officers

President                  Donna Holmes       email:

Vice President          Tom Rew                 email:
Treasurer                  Mark Cagle             email:
Secretary                   Tobi Byrd                email:
Player Agent             Bobby Kinsey          email: